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Manufacturers of Furniture, Kitchen & Wood Products
Architects, Interior Designers, Builders & Developers, Consultants
Saw Millers, Board & Timber Traders, Plywood & Packaging
Manufacturers, Distributors & Dealers of Hardware and Furniture Fittings
Dealers of Woodworking machines, Tools & Accessories
Dealers & Distributors of Furniture, Kitchen & Wood Products
Others, Please Specify

Area of Interest

Machinery & Technology
Solid woodworking
Panel Processing
Wood based panel production
Saw milling /Veneer peeling machine
Surface treatment & Finishing lines
Tools & accessories for furniture production & woodworking
Materials & Supplies
Adhesives, Chemicals & Wood Coatings
Wood, Veneers, parquets flooring, Doors
Decorative surfaces, Décor papers, Laminates, Door Skins, Edges, Composite materials etc
Wood based panels (Plywood, Particle Board, MDF, Pre-lam Boards) and other versatile interior panels
Embossing cylinders, Press plates
Fittings, Hardware & Components
Fittings, Locks, built-in parts, Hardware Systems, Lamps and lighting systems
Semi-finished products for Cabinetry, kitchen, office and modular furniture
Industry Services
Certifying Agencies
Training & Research Institutes
Industry Associations
Online business portals

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  • Everyone is subject to frisking and baggage check as a security measure, kindly co-operate.
  • Trade Visitors over 18 years are only allowed (Children below 18 years are strictly not allowed).
  • Rights of admission are reserved with the Organisers.